What criteria does The Concord Trust consider in awarding grants?
The Concord Trust provides grants to fund innovative projects that enhance the educational experience in Concord’s public schools and are not ordinarily funded through the traditional school budget process. The number of grants awarded each year varies depending upon the number of applications received and funding availability.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant from The Concord Trust?
Teachers, administrators, and staff within the Concord School District are eligible to apply for a grant from The Concord Trust.

How much are the grants for?
The maximum Concord Trust grant is $2500.

How do I apply for a Concord Trust grant?
Information on the grant process can be found in “Application Guidelines.”  The application form can be found the “Application Forms” section and requests applicants supply specific information regarding goals, materials and budget.

When is the application deadline?
Applicants must submit completed grant proposals to The Concord Trust’s e-mail address by March 15 at 5 p.m. The Concord Trust will notify applicants after its April board meeting.

When are grants awarded?
Grants are awarded at The Concord Trust’s Annual Award ceremony in late May or early June.

How can I contact The Concord Trust with questions about a specific grant proposal?
If you have a question about preparing a grant proposal, contact us here.