March 15 All grant proposals must be submitted electronically by 5 pm.
Late April Applicants will be notified of their grant status.
Mid-May Concord Trust’s Annual Grant Awards Ceremony
June 1 Final reports due from previous year’s grant recipients. All funds must be requested by this date. Remaining funds revert back to the Concord Trust budget.

The Concord Trust provides grants based on the following guidelines:

  1. Teachers, administrators, and staff employed by the Concord School District are eligible to apply.
  2. All grant applications must be submitted electronically by March 15, 5:00 pm to The application document attached to the email should use the following format for the title: “name of grant_YYYY_applicant_school” (ex. technology for mathematical success_2014_jsmith_chs.docx).
  3. The maximum grant for a single staff member or small group of staff members is $3000; the Trust may, in its discretion, fund the entire amount requested (up to $3000) or only a portion of the amount requested. Grant recipients who do not receive full funding are invited to reapply in a future year for additional funding to extend or enhance the funded project. Starting in 2013, the Trust began offering one Special Extended Grant per year. There is no monetary limit set for this grant. Grant applications that would meet the Trust’s approval would demonstrate grade level, school or district-wide use. Special Extended Grants must be exceptional and are not guaranteed to be awarded. The number of grants awarded each year varies depending upon the number of applications received and funding availability.
  4. Preference is given to innovative projects that enhance the educational experience in Concord’s public schools and that are not ordinarily funded through the traditional school budget process. Generally we favor purchasing equipment over programs, innovative ideas over accepted standard practices, and things that benefit multiple students rather than a single child.

Areas of study the Trust has historically approved are:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Career Exploration
  • Independent Learning
  • Team Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Citizenship

Examples of generally accepted requests are:

  • Materials required to implement a unique curricular innovation
  • Technology that isn’t already provided by the district
  • Technology that isn’t already included in future plans for schools
  • Software that would impact student learning but is not included in the district budget
  • Other innovative ideas that do not include the disallowed requests listed below

Examples of generally disallowed requests are:

  • Textbooks or textbook replacements
  • Normal classroom supplies
  • Payments for staff training or staff development
  • Postage
  • Replacement of equipment
  • Replacement of items normally funded by the school district
  • One time use or one student use items such as tee shirts, transportation and food
  1. All requests for electronics or technological hardware, software and supplies (including, without limitation, computers, printers, still and video cameras, other communication equipment) must be reviewed by the District’s Technology Team before a grant request is submitted. In addition, all electronic hardware and software should be priced through the Concord School District Technology Coordinator, as the district may have access to discounts, and district support for maintenance and upgrades is crucial. Please indicate on your application that this has been done and who you contacted.
  2. All applications must include a letter of support from your administrator. An application is not considered complete until this form is received.
  3. All applications will be assigned to a Grant Project Manager who is a member of the Board of Directors for the Concord Trust for the Enhancement of Public Education. The project manager will be your contact person during the grant process.
  4. A brief written evaluation (see Application Forms) is required at the conclusion of the project to inform The Concord Trust of the project’s degree of success.
  5. Applicants must immediately notify the Trust any time circumstances surrounding the applicant/grantee or the program or project being funded change. The Trust reserves the right to cancel any grant due to changed circumstances surrounding the applicant/grantee or the program or project funded.
  6. If you receive publicity for your project, please mention that The Concord Trust supported your project.