Grants Awarded

Concord Trust Awards – 2023

Project Title: Assistive Technology for Students with Reading Difficulties
Grantee: Heather Santitto
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Eight text-to-speech reading pens (with carrying cases) to assist students with reading in the case of dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Project Title: Black Light Art Creations
Grantee: Melissa Lagasse
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Supplies to allow students to create luminous art, consisting of six black light strip sets with remotes, along with neon cloth tape and fluorescent paint.

Project Title: Fight the Fire
Grantee: Dave Malay
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Five refillable water fire extinguishers with air compressor and utility cart to assist the RMS health department in teaching fire safety by ensuring that students know how to use a fire extinguisher.

Project Title: Hey!  What’s this Word?
Grantee: Jane Dodson
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Eight text-to-speech reading pens (with carrying cases) to assist students with reading in the case of dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Project Title: Padlet for Christa McAuliffe School
Grantee: Karrie Stone
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: One-year subscription to Padlet, an online notice board technology that allows students and teachers to collaborate online by posting text, images, links, documents, videos and voice recordings

Project Title: Power of Drumming
Grantee: Jamie Barnett, Phillip Hoefs, Kaitlin Gallagher, Victoria Hopkins
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: A classroom set of Toca drums and 6 Remo drums to be used in general music classes, in small group sessions and counseling sessions and for performances and special assemblies.

Project Title: Rundlett Rock Band
Grantee: Kathleen Allard
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Funds to be applied toward instrument purchases (basses, electric guitars, amps and drum pieces) to teach modern band in RMS general music and after-school programs.


Concord Trust Awards – 2022

Project Title: Calming Corners for Self-Regulation
Grantee: Laurie Hart & Pam Schachter
School: Family Centers, District-wide
Project Description: Equip eight community preschool classrooms with Cozy Cubes which promote children’s use of self-regulation strategies to recover more quickly from emotional upset while reducing aggression and other anti-social behavior.

Project Title: Digital Storytelling Studio
Grantee: Adam Beaudoin & Justin Bourque
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Professional quality studio equipment for video and audio production at CHS. These tools will serve a variety of courses, including English, Art, and World Languages. Access to this equipment will play a large role in creating equal opportunities, particularly for students without smartphones.

Project Title: Focus and Flow–Silent Disco in the Art Room
Grantee: Kristine Nyhan
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: The “Silent Disco” system will make the art classroom more inclusive by helping limit sensory overload and will support hearing and attention deficits. These headsets allow students to tune out distractions and enhance focus and flow in their creative work.

Project Title: Learning with Vertical Surfaces & Clothesline Math
Grantee: Tamara Hatcher
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Vertical Surfaces and Open Number line/Clothesline Math builds students’ fluency and number-sense. They are visual and enforce the size and magnitude of quantities by requiring students to build number line models with various expressions. Open number lines are applicable for algebra through calculus.

Project Title: Mobile Kitchen
Grantee: Betty Hoadley
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: This grant will provide a mobile cart with cooking appliances for cooking and science experiments to support the kindergarten curriculum.

Project Title: Playground Communication Boards
Grantee: Paula Koehler
School: Mill Brook School, Broken Ground School, and Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Seven Outdoor Communication Boards for the preschool and elementary school playgrounds to assist those with differences in functional communication skills.


Concord Trust Awards – 2021

Project Title: Mustang Makers
Grantee: Christine Roman
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Students design, create, and explore with 3D pens and 3D printers.

Project Title: BMS Art and Music Specdrum Rings Collaboration
Grantees: Melissa Lagasse, Rob Fogg
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Art and music Specdrum rings for Beaver Meadow School will combine art and music to create engaging lessons incorporating traditional art standards with a unique experience of incorporating technology.

Project Title: Broken Ground School Makerspace
Grantee: Dana Foulds
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Adding a Makerspace to the BGS Media Center. The goal of this Makerspace project is to provide all students opportunities to engage with new and exciting materials and to create opportunities to enhance the curriculum.

Project Title: Ringing in Melodies
Grantee: Rachel Hamilton
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Two sets of 25 note choir chimes for elementary music. The chimes will build music reading ability, rhythmic literacy, and hand-eye coordination in a fun and engaging way.

Project Title: Kindergarten Light Tables
Grantee: Meg Brown
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: Supporting math, literacy, and social-emotional skills by introducing light tables to each of the kindergarten classes.

Project Title: The Power of the (Apple) Pen(cil)
Grantee: Elizabeth MacBride
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: Ten sets of Apple pencils, iPads, and a drawing app for use solely in the art room.

Project Title: Creating Cross Curricular Connections – Focus on Social Awareness Through Literacy
Grantees: Jessica Knight, Jessica Chambers
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: Build a diverse book collection for Mill Brook School to teach diversity, inclusion, and equity with highly engaging, cross-curricular lessons to increase cognitive gains and social awareness.

Project Title: Outdoor Dramatic Play
Grantee: Jennifer Allen
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: Outdoor “mud kitchen” playsets assembled and designed by CRTC program for use by the kindergarten team with the goal of implementing imaginative and dramatic play options.

Concord Trust Awards – 2020

Project Title: Orienteering in High School Geometry
Grantee(s): Tim Beaulieu, Joe Proulx
School: Concord High School
Project Description: A set of 30 Suunto M-3 compasses for an orienteering project in Geometry class will be purchased. During orienteering, students need to constantly apply geometric concepts involving angle measurement, transversal lines, and scaling. Students will learn about these concepts through direct application in a geocaching context.

Project Title: Science Wiz STEM Activity Kit Library
Grantee(s): Kari Zwick
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Thirty STEM activity kit libraries for Special Education students and a GoPro camera for videotaping science exploration evidence will be purchased. These kits will allow special education students to demonstrate mastery of key science competencies.

Project Title: 3D Printer for BMS
Grantee(s): Melissa Lagasse
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Makerbot Sketch Classroom includes two MakerBot Sketch 3D printers, 6 PLA Spools, 4 Build Plates, 2 Spatulas, 2 Snips, MakerBot Cloud™ for the Classroom, and MakerBot Certification™ Licenses. Students will be able to create a design through a computer program then watch their design became three dimensional.

Project Title: Makey Makey – Classroom Invention Literacy Kits
Grantee(s): Somayeh Kashi
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Twenty-four Makey Makey’s for Technical Education Class at RMS. Makey Makey takes everyday objects and transforms it into touchpads empowering students to interact with computers as creative tools. The computer becomes an extension of their creativity, fostering imaginative play and discovery.

Project Title: The Main Street Museum of Art
Grantee(s): Michael Reardon
School: Concord High School
Project Description: We will create a “live” art gallery experience for students, staff and the public; to expose them to recreations of some of the masterworks of western art; and to offer students the experience of curating this collection. In so doing, we seek to transform the experience of passing through Main Street from one which is somewhat chaotic and impersonal to one that is framed by light, beauty and dignity.

Project Title: Abbot-Downing Low Elements Course
Grantee(s): Pat Casey, Casey Ireland
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Low challenge course for physical education class. These elements (4) will be built and installed by a reputable contractor: WingSpeed Adventures. Low element activities provide a variety of challenges for students that encourage, cooperation, team building, and personal growth. We believe implementing an adventure curriculum will provide social emotional learning which will in turn promote a positive school climate.

Project Title: I AM 5, The 21st Century Kindergartner
Grantee(s): Dawn Morris, Sharon Sorette
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: These tools will build and strengthen the significant number of lagging executive functioning skills and dysregulation using a play to learn approach, with certain games and research based manipulatives for our Kindergarten students. It is crucial to their development and success.

Project Title: Vaping Cessation
Grantee(s): Leslie Barry
School: Concord High School
Project Description: CATCH Vaping Curriculum along with Vaping Detection Technology.

Project Title: Classroom Kits for Kindergartners!
Grantee(s): Karen T. Baxter, Cindy Femenella
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Kits for each Kindergarten classroom will contain activities, games, and materials to promote sensory-motor foundation, visual perceptual and self-regulation skills. These activities will help develop foundation skills for typically developing students, they are not meant to be a replacement for skilled occupational therapy. Training videos will be provided for instruction as to how to match activities and student needs with the materials in the kit.

Project Title: Community Garden
Grantee(s): Meg Brown and Mike Pelletier
School: Christa McAullife School
Project Description:  Materials to start and maintain a community garden at CMS to build community and continued school engagement throughout the elementary years and beyond. The garden will represent all three components of the Caring, Motivated, and Safe school vision. Students will make connections between the foods they eat and the health benefits they provide, and be exposed to a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables. The garden will also give students the opportunity to gain knowledge of the natural world through observation and hands-on exploration.

Concord Trust Awards – 2019

Project Title: Art Wall Displays
Grantee(s): Nathan Sharter-Howe
School: Abbott-Downing School  
Project Description: Three sets of portable art display walls will provide more opportunities for students to display their artwork to the school and wider community at school events. Displaying finished works of art to a wide audience is an important part of the art learning process.

Project Title: Attention Robots Full STEAM Ahead
Grantee(s): Chris Lane
School: Rundlett Middle School  
Project Description: Vex robot kits will offer a robotics program to an entire 7th grade cluster, grade level, and the Project SEE program. Students will work in a small team to design robots and in the process better understand Engineering Design principles in NGSS, graduate with a good understanding of STEM, computer coding, and teamwork.

Project Title: Concord High Greenhouse
Grantee(s): Kari Zwick
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The creation of the Concord High Greenhouse will expose Special Education students to planning, tending and nurturing living things, and the powerful feeling of gratitude in giving back to your community. Students in the ACCESS program will be given opportunities to get outdoors and get their hands dirty in physical activity.

Project Title: Geriatric Simulator
Grantee(s): Sharon Bean
School: Concord High School (CRTC)
Project Description:  This Geriatric Simulator Suit and curriculum will allow Health Science students to experience a variety of age-related physical challenges. The simulator will also enhance the teaching and learning of body systems, such as sensory impairments and skeletal deficits.  The LNA and EMT programs will also use the simulator to enhance empathy and communication skills in patient interactions.

Project Title: Energizing Next Generation Science 
Grantee(s): Lyn Vinskus
School: Concord High School
Project Description:  Equipment for the Next Generation Science class at Concord High will be utilized in a unit concerning energy transformations using natural resources. Examples of equipment include generators, mini solar panels, and materials to build wind turbines and hydroelectric models. Students will have more in-depth engagement during the learning activities related to energy production and use so that they may increase their understanding of this vital issue.

Project Title: Mental Health Club 
Grantee(s): Leslie Barry, Margie Borawska
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Supplies for a Mental Health Club at Concord High School will promote mental health awareness and education, provide an ongoing space for students to have a stigma free place to discuss mental health, and provide a bridge between community mental health resources and the CHS community.

Concord Trust Awards – 2018

Project Title: Breakout at BMS!
Grantee(s): Kathy Donovan & Melisa Scott
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Students will work collaboratively to solve critical thinking puzzles using “Breakout Edu” kits containing resettable locks, boxes, and other items to play hundreds of learning games designed to match curriculum standards.  The platform, for students in grades 1-5, includes access to 16 subject packs which cover topics including language, math, science, history, social studies, music and art.

Project Title: Classroom Calming Areas
Grantee(s): Kaitlin Gallagher
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: Safe/calming spaces, with floor cushions, fidget toys, sensory tools, bean bag chairs etc. will be created within 8 pilot classrooms (K, 1st & 2nd grades), to support the goal of trauma sensitive schools.  The spaces will offer students a place to use when they need to calm down and refocus to get back to their learning and give dignity to students as they process through their emotions.

Project Title: Enhanced Video Production and Editing @ CHS
Grantee(s): Justin Bourque and Helen Dugan
School: Concord High School
Project Description: This project will expand the video production capabilities offered at the current Makerspace at CHS, by adding camera kits, monitors, and an iPad enhancing students’ ability to record and edit video recordings with the existing green screen studio kit and virtual reality sets.

Project Title: Implementing Self Regulation Skills in the 3R Classroom
Grantee(s): Ashley Blake, Chris Lewis, Miriam Lebby
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Two “calming centers” will be created within a classroom space in order to allow students to implement their self-regulation skills to support the district program for elementary students with severe emotional/behavioral disabilities at Beaver Meadow School. Part of the curriculum involves learning self-regulation skills using the Zones of Regulation, yoga, and mindfulness.  Paintings on the wall of the calming centers will offer positive affirmations and calming tools.

Project Title: Modern Marvels in Woodworking
Grantee(s): Rick Bragg
School:Rundlett Middle School
Project Description:  With the goal is to connect traditional woodworking techniques with computer programing, this project supports the purchase of a CNC (“Computer Numerical Control”) router, a computer controlled cutting machine related to the hand held router used for cutting various hard materials such as wood, steel and plastic.  Eighth grade students will design projects with computer software and program the CNC router to create their designs into materials, expanding students’ experience of “how designers create.”

Project Title: Retail Store Computer Simulation for Young Entrepreneurs
Grantee(s): Bill Crowley
School: Concord High School
Project Description:  This project supports a 5-year site license for the “Virtual Business Retailing Simulation,” to be used by the Business Department Entrepreneurship classes. The software will provide a real-time platform for students to learn what really works (price, stock levels, staffing etc). The simulation will teach business, marketing and finance curriculum while linking career skills to common core math, reading, and critical thinking competencies. 

Project Title: Rundlett Heart Heroes
Grantee(s): Elizabeth Logan
School: Rundlett MIddle School
Project Description: The American Heart Association’s “Friends and Family CPR” training program will be offered to 6th grade health classes and staff members.  This project will provide non-certified training on basic CPR, AED use and relief of choking with the goal to provide a hands on learning experience, strengthen community safety, and promote life-long learning.

Project Title: Serious About STEM
Grantee(s): Dawn Morris & Sharon Sorette
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: STEM kits for early elementary education (K-1) will be used for daily STEM workstations.   Children will have the opportunity to investigate a potential STEM problem for which they will have to find solutions.  Students will learn how to apply the rigor of science, technology, engineering and math content while being engaged in learning activities that investigate the natural world.

Project Title: Special Education Transition Program Popcorn Business
Grantee(s): Sara Hans
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Students within the Special Education program will develop and operate a popcorn business with staff supervision, with sales during non-lunch times and at sports events, pep rallies and theater events.  This experience will teach technical business skills, along with interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills.

Project Title: Turn the Beat Around
Grantee(s): Dave Malay
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Heart rate monitors will be integrated into the physical education classes to gauge a student’s level of exercise and inform that student whether he/she is working too hard or not hard enough.  Students will gain knowledge of how to maximize their exercise levels. Students will then create a journal and complete questions that evaluate their workouts. Through this process, students will learn the proper level of effort needed to maximize their workouts.

Project Title: WBGS – Reading Done Right!
Grantee(s): Jane Dodson
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Implemented during summer literacy camp and then continued during the school year, this project will target students needing work with language fluency.  Eight teachers and their students would have access to two listening stations, allowing students to master fluency passages by re-reading and recording them with iPod touches and headsets.

Concord Trust Awards – 2017

Project Title: Building Up Steam: Moving Forward with Little Bits and Kinetic Sculpture
Grantee(s): Stephanie Bednaz, Somayeh Kashi & Kristine Nyhan
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Building upon last year’s STEAM through Kinetic Sculpture, the RMS Art Department’s goals are to continue 21st century learning (Collaboration, Creativity, Communications, and Critical Thinking) by incorporating LittleBits Circuit Bricks which will provide students with a hands-on approach to engineering and design. Using the “LEGOS of the iPad generation” small groups of students will identify a problem and work collaboratively to construct a solution.

Project Title: CORE Language through Literacy
Grantee(s): Christine Cashman & Marley Martin
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: CORE Language through Literacy is an exciting and innovative program that will offer exposure to a set of 30 CORE vocabulary words through interactive literacy and structured functional language activities which will ultimately increase the students’ understanding and their spontaneous usage of meaningful language.

Project Title: Flexible Seating
Grantee(s): Wendy Harrison, Annie Arnold, Lindsey Elefante, Sarah Olivera, Lynn Warner & Kaitlin Carlson
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Flexible Seating aims to transform classrooms into environments that are more engaging, comfortable, and which promote focus for better learning. Providing students with balance balls, wobble cushions, Hokki Stools, ball chairs, balloon seats, floor chairs, active learning stools, scoop rockers and stand-up desks encourages students to reflect on where their most effective and efficient learning occurs. Providing many seating options will transform a classroom into a learning studio.

Project Title: From Sit to Fit
Grantee(s): Dave Malay
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: From Sit to Fit aims to get students to be more active throughout their school day. Students will be able to elevate their heart rate while riding semi-recumbent bikes and still be able to complete their work. Therabands will complement the exercise bike workstation with upper and lower body exercises. The goal of this project to increase self-esteem, maintain healthy body weight, improve sleep and decrease stress while combating childhood obesity and diabetes and improving overall wellness.

Project Title: Pet Partners For Struggling Readers
Grantee(s): Heather Hunt, Crystal Rubino & Lucas Gallo
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: Pet Partners for Struggling Readers will provide individual take home books and journals for reluctant readers. Students will read books at their instructional level to a certified therapy animal which will create excitement and motivation while providing them with a meaningful lasting memory.

Project Title: Statecraft
Grantee(s): Chrigus Boezman, Dan Breen, Sarah Fuhrmeister & Bart Pospychala
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Statecraft would purchase software licenses for ninth grade Geography and World Culture classes. The software is an online global simulation and offers students the ability to run their own global society. Students will be collaborating to solve complex global issues relying upon their social studies content, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Project Title: Using Physical Web Beacons to Promote Reading, Writing and Ideas in the ADS Library
Grantee(s): Peter Osiecki
School: Abbot Downing School
Project Description: In an effort to promote reading and writing while specifically engaging students through the use of digital awareness to introduce them to books that have been digitally peer reviewed, Proximity Beacons will notify and engage students in the Abbot Downing library. This technology can also be used to include school-wide scavenger hunts, school functions, and classroom station work. This innovative, low-cost technology will impact all ADS students through critical reading, using learned writing skills, or simply participating through the common use of library services.

Project Title: Virtual Reality in the Classroom
Grantee(s): Dr. Nancy J. Keane
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Virtual reality allows a person to experience places, landforms, and biomes without leaving the classroom. Students will be introduced to 3D virtual tours using Google Expeditions and other 3D virtual reality tours. Students will also create their own VR tours of local destinations and activities. Using their personal smartphone device or one provided by the school, and a VR headset students will be introduced VR and AI (artificial intelligence) applications in real life.

Project Title: VR at CHS
Grantee(s): Justin Bourque & Helen Dugan
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Tapping into the educational potential of virtual reality is the goal of VR at CHS. All students will have access to tour far flung destinations, not just those students fortunate enough to physically visit. Students will be able to be immersed in different biomes making observations and posing queries. Students will then be able to draw more complex conclusions specific to each destination. Students will also create their own VR experiences using equipment in the CHS library.

Project Title: Winter feels good highlighting health, fitness, social, and academic benefits of snowshoeing
Grantee(s): Trish-Marie Boisvert
School: Abbot Downing School
Project Description: Students of Abbot Downing will be provided snowshoes and will be led by teachers in the basics of snowshoeing. Once students have learned the basic expectations of snowshoeing the shoes would be available for use at recess as well as to the 21C afterschool program. Snowshoes will provide students opportunities to get outside and exercise during the winter months. Snowshoeing is an excellent way to not only enhance a child’s activity level but also achieve cardiovascular fitness.

Concord Trust Awards – 2016

Project Title: Alexia, Can You Hear Me?
Grantee(s): Dr. Nancy Keane
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Rundlett’s Media Center is requesting an Amazon Echo for the front desk of the library. The Amazon Echo is a voice command device that can answer a wide range of questions. One Echo is requested in order to try out the capabilities and decide if it would be an asset in the classroom. New capabilities are always being added to Echo. Google Calendar access, live sports scores and schedules, weather reports, and more are offered. By using IFTTT, the Echo can be linked to a variety of apps that can be accessed by the students. There are new developments every day and the Amazon Echo gets smarter the more it is used. The RMS Media center has lost one staff position and it is anticipated that many of the quick, factual questions that the students now ask the staff will be shifted to Alexa.

Project Title: BLT (Bigs and Littles Together)
Grantee(s): Lindsey Elefante & Christina Rousseau
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: BLT seeks to implement a mentor program between students at Broken Ground School and students from Concord High School. Younger students will share correspondence with their high school buddies. In addition, students would be able to meet with their buddy, participate in planned activities with their buddy as well as support each other in their own individual needs. Funds requested would purchase games/activities, craft materials, food, and admission fees.

Project Title: Concord High School Transition Program
Grantee(s): Sara R. Hans, Monica Unger, Meagan Comstock
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Approximately 200 students with disabilities will have access to materials necessary for development of a transition program to prepare students for transitioning to the postsecondary world. The goal of the Special Education Transition Program is to create a curriculum for students eligible for education up until their 21st birthday, to acquire functional independent living skills and employability skills. Our students require extra time and direct instruction to learn the skills needed to live independently, the program is focused on teaching these skills. It is anticipated that there will be an increase in the number of students leaving our program who are able to seek, obtain and retain employment and participate to their maximum abilities in the community because they will have shown mastery of skills required.

Project Title: Family Resource Library 2016
Grantee(s): Mel McSteen
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: The Family Resource Library would enable the purchase of book resources that families (students, parents, grandparents and guardians) can consult and keep, to support them through difficult emotional changes in their families. The goal of the Family Resource Library is to support Abbot-Downing students and their families by providing book resources to families on a variety of stressful/emotional areas including coping with a family member death and grieving, coping with a family change which may involve divorce or joining two families, coping with anxiety from situations in daily life, coping with a new sibling in the family, among other family/ life stressors.

Project Title: Get Moving
Grantee(s): Laura-Beth Ulwick and Tracie Carpenter
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Students who need an alternative setting to complete work and/or participate in interventions will have the option of using one of five stand-up desks with swing arm. Stand-up desks allow students to move without being a distraction to others as well as themselves.

Project Title: Moving With The Brain in Mind
Grantee(s): Dawn Morris
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: Young children’s sensory systems are still developing which is why children need recess and frequent breaks at school. For students with sensory processing delays or ADHD being in motion allows their brains to be engaged. Stability ball chairs allow children to direct their natural kinesthetic energy and need for movement in a positive way. Moving With The Brain in Mind is requesting funds to purchase 24 classroom stability balls to channel students’ innate need for movement into in a positive energy, allowing them to focus on their work more completely.

Project Title: Pages and Paws
Grantee(s): Jane Dodson
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: There is a very special connection between children and animals. This project, Pages & Paws, will empower students to be the change they wish to see in the world. By teaming students and animals together, we hope to give students a nonjudgmental audience so they can relax and read to a willing audience. In return, the animals become more socialized, friendly and more likely to be adopted. Animals bring a positive influence to a child’s life, not only with reading, but to his or her life as a whole. Research supports struggling readers to practice repeated readings of material to improve fluency. This is sometimes a struggle for interventionists because students find it difficult to see the purpose of reading something many times. This project would provide students with multiple purposes for their repeated readings. Funds requested would purchase floor seating, transportation to shelter, and reading materials.

Project Title: STEAM through Kinetic Sculpture
Grantee(s): Kristine Nyhan & Stephanie Bednaz
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: The goal of STEAM through Kinetic Sculpture is to introduce the concept of STEAM to the RMS community through the engineering and construction of kinetic sculpture. STEAM is defined by combining the subjects of (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and coupling them with creativity and design; therefore adding Art for enhanced innovation. The kinetic sculpture model we will be constructing is a smaller version of the large Strandbeests designed by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Each pair of students will be given the opportunity to construct a mini-beest using Jansen’s engineering procedures. After working through Jansen’s technique, students will be able to apply this experience and knowledge to the process of designing their own kinetic sculpture. The Art department will be collaborating with the Tech Ed department through the creation phase of this project. We expect to see positive changes in student engagement through this hands-on, unique learning opportunity that will captivate all learners and inspire innovation.

Project Title: Vernier LabQuest2
Grantee(s): Frank Harrison, Kelly Mailhot, Becca Malloy, Donna Reardon, Rachel Sargent, Jane Voth-Palisi
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The science department has been using Vernier LabQuest technology with grade 11 and 12 students, but there has been little opportunity to extend this technology to grade 9 due to prohibitive cost and budget constraints. The upperclassmen experience with digital data collection has demonstrated the technology works well. This is the opportune moment to acquire digital data collection tools for our grade 9 program to enhance the science experience. 2016-2017 the district intends to put a personal Chromebook in the hands of every freshman! The acquisition of 6 LabQuest2 devices coupled with personal device use will be the perfect combination. This infusion of technology into grade 9 science classrooms will give students access to modern standards in lab practice.

Project Title: Young Meteorologists 2016
Grantee(s): Matthew O. Finney
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Using six Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters students will have the opportunity from the very beginning of the school year to observe and read air temperature, wind speeds, heat index and wind chill. There will be a classroom job for a rotating pair of students in each of the six classrooms that will report their findings. Students will be responsible for updating this information on a third grade meteorological board. This board will be visible by all third grade students and staff. In extreme temperatures, students will be responsible for reporting conditions to the school for purposes of canceling outdoor recess. At the beginning of the year, each class will use the set of six portable instruments to allow all students the chance to explore these tools through a series of guided instruction. In addition, students will plot patterns of past weather and display their data to the class.

Concord Trust Awards – 2015

Project Title: A Makerspace at BMS
Grantee(s): Melissa Scott
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: BMS would like to develop a Makerspace; a DIY technology center where students can gather to create, invent and learn. This space would include two areas, technology and construction. Technology challenges would include computer coding and using MaKey MaKey invention kits. The construction area would include LEGOS, K’Nex and other building materials.

Project Title: Aquaponics 101
Grantee(s): Brian Huckins, Chris Lane, Joe Guadagno
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Aquaponics 101 will be introduced to RMS seventh grade science students. Activities include recording environment data and analysis of symbiotic relationships. The RMS greenhouse will serve as a living laboratory as students observe, hypothesize and plan experiments. Students in Language Arts will research the pros and cons of hydroponics versus traditional farming and create research reports while bringing awareness to beneficial modern farming techniques.

Project Title: Everyone Can Play the Ukulele
Grantee(s): Ann Junkin
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: 30 ukuleles and 25 lesson books will be used with the Abbott Downing music program. The ukulele is a small four stringed instrument that will be played by all students at ADS from first to fifth grade. Various folk songs and ukulele techniques and accompaniments will be taught. Students will self-record using iPads and assess their performances.

Project Title: Integrating Chrome Books into Literacy for Special Education
Grantee(s): Aaron Sommers, Jesse Camacho
School: Concord High School
Project Description: PREP Reading and PREP Writing Commons A classes will use seven Google Chromebooks to utilize software and Google apps to access literacy material using the R-180 reading intervention program. Students targeted are those with reading and writing skills below grade level. This project aims to address their access to software and technology and to access curriculum on a wider scale. READ 180, Grammarly, Rewordify are a few of the programs and tools that will be sued to benefit students’ reading comprehension and written expression.

Project Title: MinecraftEDU
Grantee(s): Heather Drolet
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: MInecraftEDU is a program specifically designed for schools who want to engage students in innovative learning through a virtual environment where critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving are necessary for success. The EDU version of Minecraft allows for teachers to control the environment and design interactive lessons. Classes will sign-up to use the mobile Minecraft Lab and complete activities that support their classroom learning.

Project Title: Performance Based Physical Education
Grantee(s): Leslie Barry, Hayen Daly
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The CHS Physical Education Department will use eight iPad minis as an assessment tool to increase students’ proficiency and performance in PE classes. Students will record themselves to see their performance and reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses. Applications such as Coach’s Eye, Nutrition Tips, Pocket First Aid and CPR, iFitness HD, Pocket Body, Easy Assessment, Snap Guide, and Yoga Studio will provide students with engaging ways to demonstrate their understanding of competencies related to courses taught. The iPads will also allow the PE teachers to collaborate on their students’ mastery of skills to effectively share student assessments, skills, projects and work to evaluate proficiency and performance.

Project Title: Sensory Challenge Kit
Grantee(s): Christopher Parker, Victoria Hopkins
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Weighted blankets, scooter, fitness balls, rotary board and other tools will be used to create a Sensory Challenge Kit to help students, especially those with disabilities, increase their overall self-regulation. Students will use the tools to integrate sensory input through touch and their senses of movement, spatial awareness and hearing.

Project Title: Stories in Motion
Grantee(s): Heather Oullette-Cygan
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Students in CHS English 11 classes will use iPads to deconstruct, evaluate, analyze and construct media messages. Small groups will collaborate on media production projects to reinforce the Five Core Concepts of Media Literacy.

Project Title: Technology Passion Projects
Grantee(s): Nancy Keane
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: The RMS Media Center will use technology gadgets for 100 students in a pilot class and 20 after school students in the MakerClub to explore technology. Makey Makey kits, Squishy Circuit Kits, Raspberry Pi, Scribbler2, and 3D Doodler Pen will be available for students to find, develop and follow their technological passion.

Project Title: Walk This Way
Grantee(s): David Malay
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: 100 FITstep pro download pedometers will be used in the RMS Health and Physical Education program. Students will wear the pedometers to encourage more activity in their daily lives. Walk This Way will provide measurable data which will be downloaded, analyzed and shared. Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) elevates a person’s heart for a sustained period of time. By tracking both the time and intensity of activity FITstep pedometers are able to calculate 10 minute bouts of MVPA. Students will use date to calculate distances and apply that to their social study curriculum to determine time and distance to travel; Mecca to Medina, The Oregon Trail and the Great Wall of China, etc. Approximately 540 students will participate each year.

Project Title: Wireless Weather Station for Earth/Space Science
Grantee(s): Amy Schaeffner
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: The Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station will be used by RMS eighth grade students to study the Weather and Climate unit. Students will use this station to have a tangible connection to local weather and weather data. RMS hopes to become an official weather spotter for the local news and internet weather sites. Students will observe and record weather data daily using wireless weather station consoles in the three eighth grade science classrooms.

Concord Trust Awards – 2014

Project Title: A Clearer Image of the Design World
Grantee(s): George Golden
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Presentation technology for the engineering, drafting and architectural drawing classes is provided in the form of a 60” LED HDTV. This equipment will enable students to have a much clearer image of demonstrated CAD (computer aided design) designs and drawings. Students will use the HDTV to present their design projects in 3D which will provide students with a real world image of how architectural and engineering designs are presented.

Project Title: Anxiety & Middle School Years: The Coping Cat Project at RMS
Grantee(s): Margie Borowska-Popielzrz.
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: The Coping Cat program is an evidence-based group intervention that uses cognitive-behavior strategies to target student-specific needs related to symptoms of anxiety. Coping Cat will provide students who present at-risk levels of internalizing behaviors at RMS with effective intervention through structured small group intervention.

Project Title: Becoming Reflective Practitioners through Self-assessment
Grantee(s): Valerie Koch
School: Concord Regional Technical Center
Project Description: Swivl video technology will be used by students in the teacher preparation program to record high quality videos of lessons they teach. These videos will be used to reflect and self-assess current skills and evaluate strengths and challenges and develop a plan for improvement. Students will compile a digital portfolio and document the growth of their teaching skills.

Project Title: DRUMS ALIVE!
Grantee(s): Sharon Nicosia
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Drums Alive is a fitness program with a “whole body, whole mind” experience. Participants will improve physically and psychologically through this unique sensory motor drumming program using drumsticks, exercise balls and music. This noncompetitive program will be used in physical education classes and as an afterschool program. Drums Alive combines elements of movement therapy, music and sound therapy as well as the traditional elements of aerobics. Drums Alive will motivate students using both hemispheres of their brain and will assist in the fight against childhood obesity.

Project Title: Living in a 3D World
Grantee(s): Nancy Keane, Michelle Bartlett
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: 3D printer technology will be used to create science models and improve critical thinking skills. While studying famous inventions students will use SketchUp software to draw models and print the inventions. The afterschool 21C club, MakerSpaces, will use the printer to experiment with technology creatively. Allowing students access to a 3D printer now encourages creative thought and 21st century skills.

Project Title: Read That Tune…Then Read it AGAIN!
Grantee(s): Sarah Pike, Brittany Hicks, Amy Gillam, Jane Dodson
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Title 1 students at Broken Ground School who participate in the Summer Literacy Camp will use a MacBook Air to practice and perform a musical. Students will write, produce and film and edit a movie and create news segments using iMovie. Using GarageBand students will practice and rehearse a script to develop fluency. Students will create e-books using iBooksAuthor. All of these activities will improve students’ fluency and comprehension skills.

Project Title: Seeds 4 the Future
Grantee(s): Carol Lundin
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The Seeds 4 the Future initiative will receive funds to create, nurture and maintain a collection of sustainable practices. Farming and alternative energy supplies and equipment will be used to develop a working hydroponic growing room. Students will customize and build grow rooms and hoop house/greenhouse systems to enhance and expand food productions and scientific inquiry.

Project Title: Story Starter LEGO Kits
Grantee(s): Bonnie Larochelle
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: Students will use Story Starter LEGO kits to build 3D models of stories while working in teams. Using iMotion students will create a stop motion video of their stories; students will then type their stories and share the finished pieces with the class. This program uses technology that will be used to motivate writing, amplify student engagement and promote teamwork.

Project Title: Sun Spotting!
Grantee(s): Kelly Mailhot, Marily Salagaj, Charles Swift, Alex Dyment
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Astronomy and Earth science students will use a solar telescope and camera to experience the Sun’s activities. Throughout the semester students will be able to track movement of sunspots and their relation to solar prominences and magnetic activity. Using the art of astrophotography, students will take photos and compare/contrast the pictures throughout the semester. In the event of a solar eclipse, a solar telescope will provide the best experience to view the natural phenomenon in a safe and controlled manner. Using this telescope will allow students to understand how solar astronomers use different spectra to understand the composition of the Sun. The solar telescope will be crucial in teaching the vastness of our Universe.

Project Title: This Just In: Student Journalists Need Editing Stations
Grantee(s): Linda Lawson
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Journalism and English 11 students at Concord High School will use laptops and Adobe Creative Cloud to collaboratively edit audio/video raw material into quality podcasts and video reports.

Concord Trust Awards – 2013

Project Title: Abbot-Downing Gardens
Grantee(s): Trish-Marie Ziakas, Nate Sharter-Howe
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Abbott Downing Gardens is a project that will beautify the community while building math and literacy skills.  Each student will plant a bulb depending on their grade.  They will collect and analyze data on a regular basis in regards to measuring and maintaining plant growth.  Each grade will also be instructed using non-fiction text in regards to plant life-cycles and the effects of the environment on plant life.  The bulb growth will be documented using iPads and students will develop predictions based on the height and likelihood of plant bloom in the spring.  These documents can become part of the students’ online K-12 portfolio.

Project Title: Growing Gardeners in Second Grade
Grantee(s): Luanne Snow, Sissy Ellis
School: Abbot-Downing School
Project Description: Second grade curriculum includes learning about habitats as part of the studies of life science including plant life in various habitats.  Growing Gardeners in Second Grade will provide students with a plant grow lab.  Students will use their science skills to make predictions, observe and document their observations.  Students will research the origin of their plant and write stories from the seed to full-grown plant point of view.  Growing Gardeners in Second Grade hopes to foster stewardship of the Earth, encourage responsibility and encourage students to become independent problem solvers.

Project Title: Coming To America
Grantee(s): Clint Klose, Laura Ahern, Lisa Burton, Patty Fahey
School: Beaver Meadow School
Project Description: Coming To America combines social studies, writing and music.  Fifth grade students will record patriotic songs and readings of poetry and short stories.  The students will explore immigration to America and witness a Naturalization ceremony at the United States Courthouse where they will perform  a medley of American patriotic selections.  The master recordings will be used by students to make audio CDs for each new American citizen.

Project Title: iSort on the iPads!
Grantee(s): Jane Dodson
School: Broken Ground School
Project Description: Students working with the reading specialist at Broken Ground School will use iPads to sort words according to sound and pattern using the application iCardSort.  The iPads will also be used with other applications including Dabble, a word-making game that requires students to use their knowledge of patterns to make words.

Project Title: The Kindle Club
Grantee(s): Tracy Hart, Heather Drolet
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: The Kindle Club hopes to inspire and motivate reluctant readers, improve reading skills and test scores and teach children to value one another as readers and learners by having a digital book club.  Fourth and fifth grade club members will receive a Kindle e-reader downloaded with the month’s Kindle Club book selection.  Each month students will meet to discuss the selection; developing fluency, expanding vocabulary and be exposed to new ideas and concepts through interesting high quality books they might not choose to read on their own.  The audio feature will allow students to read books at the correct intellectual level even if that is above their own reading levels.

Project Title: LEGO Build To Express
Grantee(s): Casey Barnewall
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description:  It doesn’t matter if you are four or forty, when you see Legos they are nearly impossible to resist putting together, pulling apart and building into something.  LEGO Build To Express will teach various scientific, mathematical and design concepts through designing and building with Legos.  As students collaborate, defend and describe their work they will be increasing their language and problem-solving skills.  LEGO Build To Express bricks are designed to enable teachers to better facilitate student learning.  With thirty challenges for students to explore; science, math technology and engineering concepts will be solved by students using their own ideas and working together with others.

Project Title: Multi-Systems Health Fair
Grantee(s): Stephanie Celestin
School: Christa McAuliffe School
Project Description: Elementary students will be introduced and educated in the importance of taking care of their bodies through interactive, hands-on and informative health education.  Each Health Fair will address various body systems coupled with physical activity.  Specialist teachers will be able to continue teaching health in their classes using music, vocabulary and physical activities to reinforce learning. This project will be a model for improving health education at the elementary level across the district.

Project Title: Oral & Aural Proficiency with Reflection in the Spanish Classroom
Grantee(s): Kerry Chamberlin, Laura Prewitt, Wendy  Saadaoui
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The Spanish teachers’ main goal is to increase students’ oral and aural proficiency in Spanish through a variety of creative ways.  Oral & Aural Proficiency in the Spanish Classroom will use iPads as an audio and video recording device.  Students who are more comfortable speaking by themselves, or one on one rather than publicly, will produce more in the target language.  Using the dynamic technology of the iPad will provide a needed change to the Spanish curricula and provide students with engaging ways to demonstrate their understanding of both the vocabulary and grammar of Spanish.

Project Title: Math STARS…Modeling Mathematics
Grantee(s): Kristina Peare, Judy Batchelder
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Algebra students at Concord High will use digital cameras to increase their engagement in and understanding of Algebra while creating a bank of videos that will be a learning tool for their classmates.  Students are in a position where they find that math education is no longer something that happens to them, but something in which they must engage.  Student and teacher made videos that are accessible on the class web page, will allow students more time with the material and provide more individualized instruction which allows a student a greater chance to attain comprehension of the given topics.

Project Title: Academic Choice Initiative
Grantee(s): Dawn Morris, Sue Phillips
School: Mill Brook School
Project Description: Academic Choice Initiative uses choice as a powerful tool to motivate students’ learning through structured lessons and engagement in activities.  Academic Choice Initiative supports a child’s intrinsic motivation to learn.  Children will meet their innate need to feel competent, to belong and to have some degree of freedom or autonomy while the teachers of Mill Brook School implement the Responsive Classroom philosophy.

Project Title: Apple TV, iPads
Grantee(s): Linda O’Rourke
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description:  Some students in eighth grade at Rundlett Middle School will benefit from the use of technology through SmartBoard lessons, audio books and iPads and Apple TV.  Students in this cluster will have consistent access to this technology and pilot programs for the entire school.  Apple TV will allow students to easily present their understanding of learned ideas to the whole class which will expose all students to different ways of thinking.  Immediate access to projected work will also allow for efficiency and spontaneity while students share their great ideas and expose all students to creative and analytical thinking.

Project Title: If Books Could Talk
Grantee(s): Nancy Keane
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: What would happen if books could tell the students what they are about?  Livescribe SmartPens makes this possible.  The Livescribe pen will record audio and playback with just a tap of the pen.  Students will be able to go to the shelves of the Rundlett Media Center and listen to a book review while browsing through the books.  Readers can choose selections based on other students’ recorded recommendations.

Concord Trust Awards – 2012

Project Title: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Ja! Und Ich Singe!
Grantee: Laura Ernst, Marnix van Steenbergen, Judell Schlachter
School: Concord High School, Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: The German department will use a variety of authentic German recordings including ballads, folk, rap and pop that focus on a particular element of grammar and songs that help students easily recall expressions commonly found in spoken German. Through music they would like to actively engage their students in learning German by giving students the emotional connection that is needed to internalize learning. The German department will create and compile activities for each song, enhancing the experience by focusing on themes or grammatical goals with recorded songs and printed lyrics available in an audio library for the German department.

Project Title: Community Cycles: A service-learning project empowering youth and promoting bicycling
Grantee: Carol Lundin
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The Community Cycles project will utilize Engagement Based Learning and Teaching Approach through experimental bicycle education and service-learning activities. The program will begin with a Bike Shop which students will run and repair and recycle bicycles. Participants will also involve a variety of diverse student groups and staff mentors and will coordinate with staff and local artisans to begin a retail opportunity supplied and staffed by CHS students. Students will create print and media materials to raise awareness about the benefits of bicycling and create individual community service plans as well as participate in group rides. Community Cycles will address graduation expectations in practical and useful ways. This active learning environment will provide students with a consistent workplace to develop the soft skills so critical to future job and higher education success.

Project Title: Beyond an 8 x 10; Wide Format Printing
Grantee: Shannon Riley-Martin
School: Concord High School
Project Description: Students will be able to produce high quality work to a scale that is reflective of work being produced in the contemporary art world on a wide format ink jet printer. Students will be motivated to produce work on a larger, more professional scale and will bring the CHS Art department into the 21st century. Students of Photography and Commercial Arts will be specifically impacted with their ability to work with modern tools and applying real world uses, preparing them for further study and development beyond the high school curriculum.

Project Title: DART: Digital Algebra Resource Team
Grantee: Courtney Connor, Tamara Hatcher, Linda Stuart
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The Digital Algebra Resource Team, DART, is an algebra intervention program that will allow students who have a strong interest in technology and media to work on reviewing and learning algebra skills through the production of a multi-media, digital resource collection. This project will help students that are at risk of failing algebra to use their technology skills as a vehicle to learn algebra content using iPads and Apps. The DART team will help algebra teachers create motivating and interesting algebra content through video, photographs and real life data that will be brought into the classroom. By using real-life engaging problems, students will begin to feel that algebra is connected to their lives and see a purpose for it in their future.

Project Title: “See It, Write It” Cross-Curriculum Writing Support
Grantee: Jackie Winn
School: Concord High School
Project Description: The English Language Learners, ELL, Department will use digital cameras to incorporate photography and video to generate meaningful material for ELL students to write about for a wide range of purposes and audiences. Through a variety of writing projects this program will prepare ELL students to develop vocabulary and syntax as well as to produce culture-specific writings, including essays, lab reports and self evaluations. This program will help students to develop their writing skills to levels acceptable in college and to help students communicate clearly in writing so they will be able to compete in the job market.

Project Title: Using the i in iPod Touch to Enhance Learning in the Science Classroom
Grantee: Michele Bartlett
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Seventh grade science classes will use Apple iPod Touch technology in the classroom to augment student learning. Students will take video and photos of labs and field experiences, collect data for labs, search the internet, create multimedia projects and share student responses during classroom discussions with SMART Board technology using the iPod Touch. By having students use the iPod Touch for science work they will increase their productivity as well as their excitement about science. Using the i in iPod technology is having students take ownership of their own learning. They will use technology they have known since birth but have their teacher guide them with new curriculum, making science interesting, relevant and exciting.

Project Title: Breaking the “Vocab Barrier”: the iPad in the ELL Social Studies Classroom
Grantee: Robert Brown
School: Rundlett Middle School
Project Description: Social studies classes will employ the Apple iPad as an independent translation and accommodation platform with English Language Learners, ELL, students. Using iPads will address the daily difficulty that some of these students experience in accessing key concepts within a vocabulary-intensive curriculum. These iPads will accommodate different levels of ELL students as well as potential language differences within mainstreamed groups. While helping ELL students better tackle the vocabulary challenges they face it will also boost their involvement in a mainstreamed classroom.